February was a good month.

Friends, February was pretty great.

Accomplishments were made in my professional life, I spent a ton of time with my honey, family & friends, got back in to a healthy schedule of consuming literature, made some effort to update and elevate my outward appearance, committed to drinking more water and moving my feet more (still working on this), went HAM on some adulting duties, took ‘treat yo’self’ to a new level, made time for enriching experiences in the great outdoors and continued working toward my financial goals.

I take a lot of photos monthly, but I don’t always take the time to share them on my social media channels. I thought it might be fun to start having a place to put them all, monthly, as sort of a reminder of the good times and my own rendition of the traditional ‘Favorites’ fare, while wrapping up with establishing a set of goals for the following month. Accountability has been an issue that has plagued my life for the last 26 years and I’d like to think this could be a small step toward being my own coach & cheerleader in an effort to improve my life regularly – which is what I think I’m ultimately here to do.

So here it is; the February S&S lowdown…


A combination of THREE of my favorite things: Sunday champagne brunch with my family at the Anaheim Hills Country Club, an epic ‘Top Gun’ inspired romper from Old Navy & this ridiculously cute and highly necessary (aka: couldn’t live without it) Kate Spade ‘Bubble Over’ Champagne Coin Purse.


Newly discovered; THIS ISH IS BANANAS – and really easy to use. I like my lashes long and strong and…. sometimes super clumpy. This little pal does the trick to achieve length and volume when paired with my usual L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara. Start with a single coat of mascara, then pop open the tube and dust your lashes with the Milani Length In Seconds Lash Extension Fibers, then follow with another coat of mascara. Repeat the process as many times as you like and follow with a good strong curl with your lash tool of choice, mine has long been the Shiseido Lash Curler.


Oh, Prim. She’s my new daily companion. My former go-to bag, Ariel the emerald green Michael Kors Hamilton Traveler, was taking a bit of a beating so it was time to give her a rest and swap for this semi splurge: the Rebecca Minkoff Avery Tote in ‘primrose.’ Rebecca Minkoff’s web store had a screamin’ deal on their sale items in early February, coupled with Ebates cash back and free shipping, so I took advantage of the shopping gods smiling upon me and found a new best friend in Prim. More on her a little later.


Baubles! Mr. Kate’s jewelry is my absolute favorite. Periodically she does great specials on her pieces and I missed out on Black Friday’s sale last year, so when I saw she was offering 40% off for Valentine’s Day I grabbed the Forrest Horizon Cuff and Meteor Cuff I’ve had my eye on for a while now. They’re both perfection and I’m already planning to re-purchase each in the inverse metal finishes.


How fun are these cups? I have a super special project coming up with these folks I can’t wait to share as the time grows closer.


Danielle and I are making our sophomore appearance at BlogHer and I’m just tickled about it. We bought Early Bird tickets and will be heading to LA Live in November to experience a weekend of learning from the Experts Among Us, exploring innovative digital technology, aligning with potential partners and mingling with like-minded creative ladies (& a few brave men.) Really looking forward to keynotes Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mayim Bialik.

Goals for March:

  1. Keep drinking water and focusing on my financial goals
  2. Start apartment shopping
  3. At least 1 blog post per week
  4. Get back to a meditation practice
  5. Beat my ‘steps’ calculation from February on S Health

How was your month? What are your goals for March?

as always,

struts, stumbles, hugs & kisses- Nicole